Firefox widevine plugin to watch Netflix on Pinebook Pro

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I have done a bit of reading and I realise that the widevine situation is far from ideal and not so straight forward on arm.
I would like to ask to you more experienced guys if is it possible to get widewine plugin working with Firefox on Manjaro Arm?

I see there are a couple of scripts on the internet to download and extract from the ChromeOS image.
Do you know if that only works with Chromium based browsers? Or could also work on Firefox?

At the moment Widevine is not working for me on the Pinebook Pro debian installation either, so if I have to work something out, well I rather do it on Manjaro :hearts:

Thanks in advance for any input. Forgive me if the question is silly for some.

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I read that there was no version for aarch64 architecture.. Only for 32bits ARM.

Maybe @Strit will confirm that

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Isn't the Pinebook Pro's running a KDE variant? If so, can you use the Netflix app in AUR based on QT, called Netflix-qdesktop?

We haven't heard anything concrete from Mozilla, but there was rumours that Firefix 72 would ship with a widevine component for aarch64.

But as you might know now, that did not happen.

Widevine from google is only made for armhf (which is arm7h, 32-bit). That will not run out of the box on Manjaro.

Some people have suggested a 32-bit container, with Chromium and the Widevine component might be a workaround.


I don't know, I am on Manajro i3 :hearts:

Hi @Strit thanks for exaplaining the situation!

Are you in contact directly with the Mozilla guys? Is there something the community can do to poke them? :grin:

So I guess that the debian built of the Pinebook Pro is supposedly working with Widevine on Chromium because they have done something like what you mentioned about the 32-bit container.

I am personally really really enjoying Manjaro on the Pinebook Pro, I think it can become my main and only personal laptop in time. Thanks to all the amazing work you are doing.
Hopefully some of these situations like widevine and google will be simpler.

I don't have contact, since it's a general aarch64 issue, and Mozilla is aware of it.

Not really. The default debian install is an aarch64 kernel, but entirely arm7h userspace. So the widevine plugin just works with the default setup they have.


I thought the 32bit widevine container thing was specifically for Windows 10 ARM devices? At least that is where my research lead me with FF 72 + widevine container.

This is one of the threads I found:

no... qt5-webengine is also missing widevine component so it does not work

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