Are these multiple copies of same file with different version?

I have recently swiched to Manjaro (June 22). When browsing through the /usr/lib on my system, I found that there are many file with similar names but appear to be of different version (different suffix). I am not sure if this is normal or my system has an issue. I move away from stable to unstable about 2 week back.
I am using manjaro unstable version with no major issues so far.

My system specs are

Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.25.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.97.0
Qt Version: 5.15.5
Kernel Version: 5.19.2-1-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: Wayland
Processors: 8 × Intel® Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz
Memory: 7.6 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 620
Product Name: VivoBook S14 X430UA
System Version: 1.0

I am not facing any issue on my system as such but wanted an advice if everything is OK.

Hi @ajaychat3,

Yes, they are. AFAIK anyway.
You don’t need to worry if you’re not experiencing any issues.

Hope this helps!

Also, just FYI, you shouldn’t ever touch a file in the /usr directory as those are system files and will be overwritten on an update.

Thanks @Mirdarthos.
I have not touched any files in /usr but out curiousity was browsing the folder as to what files occupy huge space. I was relating them to Kernel version 5.15 and hence the query.

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Curiosity is good and you should always stay curious. I just mentioned it so that you can keep it in mind in the future.

The same files are not multiple identical copies, but they are symbolic links .

Check ls to show many symbolic links

ls -l /usr/lib | grep libQt5WebEng
.rw-r--r-- root root  2.0 KB 2 months ago  libQt5WebEngine.prl
lrwxrwxrwx root root   26 B  2 months ago ->
lrwxrwxrwx root root   26 B  2 months ago ->
lrwxrwxrwx root root   26 B  2 months ago ->
.rwxr-xr-x root root  470 KB 2 months ago
.rw-r--r-- root root  1.9 KB 2 months ago  libQt5WebEngineCore.prl
lrwxrwxrwx root root   30 B  2 months ago ->
lrwxrwxrwx root root   30 B  2 months ago ->
lrwxrwxrwx root root   30 B  2 months ago ->
.rwxr-xr-x root root  122 MB 2 months ago
.rw-r--r-- root root  2.2 KB 2 months ago  libQt5WebEngineWidgets.prl
lrwxrwxrwx root root   33 B  2 months ago ->
lrwxrwxrwx root root   33 B  2 months ago ->
lrwxrwxrwx root root   33 B  2 months ago ->
.rwxr-xr-x root root  290 KB 2 months ago


Thanks @Zesko.
Now I understand the real story.

Your size column has the arrow pointing down - click that, if the arrow points up you’ll see the bigger items at the top.

The files are marked with cog items - and there are some with a kind of square ‘link’ symbol which isn’t a file…

Make sure to check out filelight for checking out how the volume of storage is distributed.

The more interesting ones tend to be .cache folders (with Plex, I know, it can be really huge) but usually, not too much needs cleaning up.

I think arrow pointing downwards leads to decending sort order and it is correctly shown if you see the list.

Agree with you which I missed due to smaller font size.

Haha wow, that’s strange. I was bamboozled by the empty folders at the top… however, my arrow pointing UP means bigger at the top… and I never saw an app where that was different.


That is not the complete list. I just took the image of files. The folder list (truncated) is given below

Yes It is Dolphin App an inbuilt filemanager for Manjaro-KDE.


And here is the file list with arrow pointing downwards.

Reason to amuse or some thing else

I just noticed. Actually, with a ‘triangle’ or pointer, the wide end should be for larger entries - so pointing down for large files at the top makes more sense.

It seems my Dolphin - also my qBittorrent - are opposite. Not a big deal, it’s a strange inconsistency that just freaked me out…

I have now tracked it down to the application style, not only Lightly, but also Oxygen and Fusion go the opposite way.

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