Firefox skips video to end

Manjaro64 testing on raspberry Pi4. Firefox plays videos for a few minutes, then skips to the end on video platforms such as Rumble, Odysee, etc. but Youtube is OK.

I don’t want to cache to disk, as I have 8GB RAM and want to limit writes to disk (usb stick).

Tried playing with cache settings
browser.cache.disk.amount_written 1307487
browser.cache.disk.capacity 0
browser.cache.disk.content_type_media_limit 1048576
browser.cache.disk.enable false
browser.cache.disk.filesystem_reported 1
browser.cache.memory.capacity 400000
browser.cache.memory.max_entry_size 300000
media.cache_readahead_limit 512000
media.cache_resume_threshold 9999
media.memory_cache_max_size 4192000

Any ideas?


Maybe try another browser? I would suggest giving Falkon a try. Though it does not have all those fine-grained configuration tweaks the Firefox about:config has.

If you can tell the browser where to cache the files, or at least find out where it does so by default, you can cache to a tmpfs. /tmp is usually one, or you can mount your own somewhere, even on top of the default browser cache location. Though it means that the cache will be gone after reboot. And that the RAM might fill up if you do not limit the cache capacity strictly enough.

Thanks Kevin, I started looking into attempting the same with chromium and found allocating its cache to tmpfs /tmp worked there. I also upped to original tmpfs /tmp allocation from 20M to 2g, and now Firefox is happy.

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