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Hi group
Running 6.1.41-1-MANJARO with Plasma 5.27.6, and have a question about Firefox 115.0.2.

Something’s recently changed so that my regularly-visited sites no longer automatically log me in, like they used to. Once I log in and keep the browser open, I can close those sites and go back, they work fine. But if I exit Firefox and go back, I have to log in again. If I open a new window I also have to log in.

If I go to Manage Bookmarks, locate that site visited today (signed in, etc), tell Firefox to forget it, and go back and sign in to re-establish the login/password, there’s no change in behavior.

Any next-steps would be appreciated.


Sounds like good security to me… :man_shrugging:

The worst feature is autologin, its a security issue because the Password can be stole.

btw. i dont see your question

OK…so it looks like a new feature to you.

Nope. Not a feature, Just good security.

Sorry…Question is: this is new to me, in the past two weeks. What is it, why is Firefox doing this?


perhaps you changed some settings - or some default settings changed
(I very much doubt the latter)

cookies are needed to keep your logins
as well as the credentials saved within the browser of via an external password manager
(on second thought - no, not the latter - no stored passwords needed - just cookies …)

If the browser doesn’t remember your login between sessions - it is because you have configured your system to remove cookies and/or site data when browser is closed.

Perhaps an addon you have installed.

Linux-aarhus, and group
It’s possible I made a change without realizing, or something was added. I will check. I really appreciate the feedback.

yes… that’s it. My bad. It’s a config setting to automatically clear cookies & data on closing the app. But I will keep in the mind the security issue, too.
thx everyone


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