Firefox Restore Session in xfce

When Firefox is stopped unexpectedly with multiple tabs open, on the next open, the option to Restore Previous Session malfunctions. (Start New Session button works).

Choosing Restore Previous Session results in half size screen overlay on full first screen, but the two are sort of melded to one another. Quitting by clicking the red X doesn’t work and Firefox then freezes. This time, a video on a restored tab started playing (of course another commercial) and could not be stopped. A message to close multiple tabs comes up but is unresponsive and the program will not close by it’s own accord.

This has happened 2-3 x past week or two.
To exit Firefox I’ve opened a terminal and killed it. (Firefox was the only non-system software running.)

The effected computer is HP laptop /AMD 64 bit/xfce The last time this happened CodeLite and Firefox were running. Need to force shutdown occurred due to CL user error ( infinite loop). Firefox had been open to youtube video tab and 3-4 other tabs were also open but the video was not running at the time the system froze up. Codelite was the active window.

I have another problem with Firefox on XFCE:
restoring session does not work correctly.


When opening a thread on a Firefox issue, one should always begin with the list of installed add-ons.

grep -oP '},"name":"\K[^"]+' ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.*default*/addons.json
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re: name1962: ]
Your grep command returned `this: Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader.

I did not see Read Aloud going through Firefox menus and was certain there were NO add-ons, extensions or plugins. But, under plugins are two: 1. Mozilla OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. and 2. Google’s Widevine Content Decryption Module, May 20, 21. Both were installed without my knowledge–or maybe related to the reader thing seems google had something to do with that.

I will attempt to remove the Read Aloud. I don’t think that it will be the problem though because it was installed the day Manjaro became my new OS a few months ago and Firefox until recently restored the previous session without any problem. It broke since the last couple updates but coincidentally I’m using Codeblocks and my error a few times has caused the system to freeze and the hard shutdown was my resolve.

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