Firefox resets settings with every update

Hello everyone.

Every time there is an update for Firefox available and I install it, it changes my settings in the browser.
I’m using a mozilla account where my settings and data are synced across multiple platforms. It works fine everywhere, except on Manjaro linux.

The first time I start Firefox after an update, the language is set to English instead of German (my system language and the language of Firefox on my other platforms) and it removes some of my search engines while adding others. These problems are related: When I switch language back to German, in Firefox, the standard search engines for the locale are added and others are removed.

What do I have to do to ensure that Firefox correctly recognizes my OS language as German and keeps my settings accordingly?

Addendum: I have a hunch this might have to do with the systemwide language settings. I have had to manually change language in a few applications, but they retained those settings even after an update. In LibreOffice, the language is set to English with no way for me to add another language. The menu is simply empty. In my Manjaro language settings, I have German as the default with American English further down on the list.

Have you checked in Manjaro Settings Manager > Language Packages if any are available to install? Some applications – including Firefox and LibreOffice – require extra packages for languages, MSM can suggest you some of those.

Thank you. I installed some extra language packages via the Settings Mangager like you said. It will remain to be seen whether everything works with the next update.

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