Firefox pip mode not maintaining video aspect ratio - KDE Manjaro

Hi there,
I hope I am not asking a question that has already been answered in another thread, forgive me if I am. I have scoured the internet and the Manjaro forums looking for a fix but haven’t had much luck.

Basically my Firefox, running on Manjaro KDE, does not maintain video aspect ratio, when using the picture in picture window. This leads to free-size, resizing and ugly black bars, if I am not meticulous enough with the resizing - cue the screenshot below…

It seems to behave normally in Gnome (Fedora) but I am too much of a fan of Manjaro & KDE to give it up. So far, just tonight, I have managed to fix two of the most glaring issues that have been plaguing an otherwise sublime Linux experience, after a lot of digging and I hoping someone can just make my night, by giving me final victory. Let’s go for a hat trick :smile:

Thank You in advance!

That should be a issue with Firefox with KDE,because in Chromium based browser this doesn’t happen.

Although you can just go to the corner and resize both height and width at the sme time and adjust the aspect ratio.

Yes, I have noticed that as well. It’s very weird, and I can’t seem to be able to fix it via Special Window/Application settings as well. I hope somebody can help out with this.