Firefox on Manjaro KDE Plasma on Wayland is blurred

Login – install plasma-wayland-session/plasma-wayland-protocols – switch to 200% screen – Logout – Login – Firefox displays like this:

Dolphin, Pamac GUI, System Settings etc. Normal

But Firefox is blurred

i think you have to change something in about:config for hidpi.
200% ? maybe changing the resolution lower would give you better results.

But my screen is 2736*1824 so it must do ~200%

interesting resolution, so without 200 scaling everything’s tiny?

Yes, absolutely. That’s not a 1920x1080 and I do 200% also on windows

Did you find the solution?
You can run firefox like this:

I don’t know how to make it persistent.

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i usually stick it in /etc/environment so it’s system wide.

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Thank you
I’ve been reading Environment variables - ArchWiki but I don’t understand this.

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