Firefox messes up its Arabic font automatically after installing ttf-ms-fonts

Greetings everyone,
I’ve been trying to add extra Arabic fonts to my Manjaro installation.
Everything went totally fine until I installed ttf-ms-fonts
The font went from this, which is good and readable:

To this, which is so bad that it really hurts my eyes:

here is my font configuration before installing ttf-ms-fonts

and here’s after the installation:

You can notice that nothing changed, but the font changes instantaneously after installation.

Here are my specs:

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64 
Host: G53SW 1.0 
Kernel: 5.10.49-1-MANJARO 
Shell: zsh 5.8 
Resolution: 1366x768 
DE: Plasma 5.22.3 
WM: KWin 
CPU: Intel i7-2630QM (8) @ 2.900GHz 
Memory: 3315MiB / 7930MiB 

I want to install the fonts so I can use them on office and the rest of my system, but I don’t want the font to change automatically on firefox without me choosing to do so.
Can you please guide me to do this properly?
Kind Regards

I was going to tell you to just uninstall them. :sob:

  1. In Firefox, open a new tab
  2. Type about:config
  3. Remove the warning if not already done so previously
  4. In the search box above the list, type or paste downloada and pause while the list is filtered
  5. Double-click the gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled preference to change it from true to false

There! Done!

:warning: Web sites won’t be able to download their own fonts to your system any more and then use them. (which might be an additional advantage to you or a disadvantage: Up to you to make up your mind!)



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hahaha LOL

I don’t think it’s a one-website-issue here.
Arabic fonts change in every website I visit after downloading that font pack.
In the same config tab, the seems to be set to sans-serif This does not change when I install ttf-ms-fonts, Isn’t there a way around this?

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I don’t know! :sob: File a bug at Firefox and ask the creators themselves???


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Thank you, I’ll go do that <3

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