Firefox memory leak and crashing

Hello all! I am having issues with Firefox that is causing it to memory leak and crash after running for about 10 minutes. I tried uninstalling it using yay -R firefox. I tried starting it in safe mode, no change. Updated it to version 92.0.1-1, still no difference. It will use up to 4GB of memory and load the CPU to 100% then crash. I’ve tried absolutely everything and am fresh out of ideas.


… and you have provided no system information at all
and/or whether your system is fully up to date

… you tried “everything” - but what does that mean? :wink:

Those symptoms are often due to:

  • the sites you browse
  • the number of tabs of have open simultaneously
  • the extensions you use

Have you already checked those?

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It crashes when nothing is open beside the homepage (Bing). When running with a clean profile where all the settings have been reset to default and the extensions are disabled, it continues. I can’t do anything inside the browser as it’s gotten worse since I posted the thread, now it hogs memory only after being open for 15 seconds and usually crashes within the first minute of being open.

As for specs: Dell Inspiron 15 3565, AMD A6-9200e, 8 GB of memory, running XCFE Pahvo 21.1.4, Kernel 5.9.16-1.

I can’t seem to upload any photos or links either.

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Try downloading the compressed file (tar.bz2) from the official mozilla website, unzip it in the folder you want, rename the .MOZILLA folder (so that this firefox creates a new folder) execute the file firefox or firefox.bin and see if has the same problem. This “original” version of mozilla does not need to be installed (it works as a portable version) it is not updated via manjaro repositories but it does so when firefox is active (similar to the windows version).

This might give a few ideas.

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