Firefox maxes CPU then crashes-How to troubleshoot?

Firefox keeps maxing out the CPU then it will crash. Every time I adjust something it starts happens more frequently. Using google maps is almost a certainty it will crash. At my limit here. Any help appreciated.
Intel HD 520 graphics using Video-linux driver. i3 with 8GB ddr4 and SSD drive.
Updated to Linux 6.6.25-1
KDE plasma 5.27.11
I do use ublock origin, privacy badger and plasma integration in the browser.
Are there some logs I can check somewhere ?
Is there a hardware\software video acceleration setting mixed up ?
Any ideas on where to start ?
I replaced the ram and that wasn’t the problem.
Reddit will cause a crash frequently too. Scrolling too fast or opening another reddit tab makes the CPU 100% and crash.
I have another PC with an i5 and newer graphics. Is there an easy way to just pull the drive from the i3 and do a driver reset to see if that fixes the problem without having to wipe the drive and reinstall everything ? ( have no idea how to do this or what to search )
I appreciate all the work you guys do on Manjaro. Happy to use an OS that doesn’t spy on me. Am frustrated and not trying to be negative to any developers reading this.

Hi @BGatesSux,

I’d say the first step is tryi8ng with a clean profile. Star firefox with the profile manager:

firefox --profilemanager

…create a new profile, select and use that, then.

Thanks !
Will give that a go.

Update :
Only 4 tabs, CPU still maxes on reddit if scrolling to fast or opening another tab. CPU goes to half when watching youtube video. Maxes out for a bit when going to/from full screen.

Is KDE doing this or a hardware setting\driver ?

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You might also be interested in a browser that doesn’t spy on you:

sudo pacman -S vivaldi

…from the people who gave the original Opera browser to the world.


Will look into it.
Turned off all the default Mozilla stuff and thought I was “safe”. How times have changed. Bunch of spying creeps.

That probably depends on your hardware.

I can tell you, though, that I use Firefox daily. Every day, the whole day. And it’s never used more than ±6GB RAM and CPU use is negligible.


Used FF for years. This is driving me nuts.

Thanks for the help.

Try disabling any and all extensions, and see what happens then.


I do have other browsers installed for special purposes, however Firefox and Vivaldi are my defaults. The uBlock Origin and DuckDuckGo Essentials extensions combined go a log way toward securing a browser.


Another test may be safe mode. With no windows opened you can run

firefox --safe-mode

Beyond that, general system info may be helpful.

inxi -Farz

Also here is this guide for many things, including how to format code, etc

See about:crashes page in Firefox for previous crash reports

Also about:support page