Firefox looks like a GTK app instead of firefox

I don’t know why but firefox looks like this now

which I find is quite ugly as it doesn’t even use the GTK theme I have.

I was able to switch it back for a bit by tweaking stuff, but as soon as I logged out and in again, it was ugly again

Hm. Can you try opening firefox with a clean new profile?

If that looks fine, it’s probably an extension or something you have added.

See here


a clean profile looks fine, I’ll look but I haven’t installed any new extensions, and firefox looked like that when I installed the ISO.

the profile I’m using is one that I had backup up from my previous computer

this worked, I uninstalled the firefox-gnome-theme-maia

That’s the new default Firefox theme on our GNOME edition, firefox-gnome-theme-maia.


I see, sorry to have called it ugly, but it would probably be a lot prettier if it followed the GTK theme like the rest of Gnome. (though some apps don’t, I’m not sure what’s up with that)

the change of layout is interesting, but the big detailed buttons for every thing is way too much for me

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