Firefox - "Local storage and cookies are required"

I cant enable sync on firefox or navigate to some websites such as chatgpt. Firefox hamburger menu has the following options:
Account disconnected
Turn on syncing…

If I click “Turn on syncing” > “Login”, I’m directed to page:
that says the following:

Local storage and cookies are required

Please enable cookies and local storage in your browser to access ⁨Firefox accounts⁩. Doing so will enable functionality such as remembering you between sessions.

What I have tried:
clicking the “learn more” link at the bottom of the mozilla’s page I was redirected to:

clearing cache
reinstalling firefox
setting my “enhanced tracking protection” to “custom” and unchecking all of the checkboxes for:
tracking content

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There’s no point in that. GNU/Linux is a multiuser operating system, and there is a distinction between system data and user data. Firefox’ user data is stored in the user’s home directory, and uninstalling or reinstalling the application does not affect the data in your home directory.

You need to allow cookies. Even this forum uses them. Among other things, it allows websites to log you in and keep you logged in for as long as you want.

These three must be blocked, of course.

Just set the built-in protection in Firefox to “Standard” and install DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. You can do that just for your user account by visiting DuckDuckGo — you’ll immediately get a link for installing it in your browser — or you can install it systemwide from the AUR. :arrow_down:

pamac build firefox-extension-duckduckgo-privacy-essentials

How much disc space is free on /home ? → df on console.

All the user settings and caches are in ~/.mozilla/ and ~/.cache/mozilla/, so for a new profile/fresh install feeling you have to backup and remove these.

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