Firefox lags when going in or out of focus

When clicking to focus Firefox or clicking another window to move focus from Firefox, it takes a while to respond. When it lags, it won’t respond to anything and everything stops, except audio playback when watching YT, etc… This happens in both Firefox and Firefox Beta. I use Wayland, with the browser also running directly on Wayland.

I recorded the delay in response in a gif below. The third window is to showcase when I click. The windows rearrange exactly when I click. Notice how the lag is even greater when switching focus directly between the two Firefox windows.

This has bothered me for a while now. Any help appreciated!

What have you tried so far? Does this occur with hardware acceleration disabled? Have you tried a clean profile? Have you tried with extensions disabled? Most FF issues can be traced directly back to something corrupt in FF profile.

Making a new profile fixed it. Thank you!

I underestimated what is affected by the profiles and didn’t even consider it. In addition to that, the release version had this same issue, even though i installed it freshly. Makes sense if the profiles persist even after re-installation.

Thanks again

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