Firefox issues loading tabs

Hi everybody

Since yesterday whenever I start Firefox the tabs won’t load but instead keeps going backwards to the front page. It is not possible to load a page. Every tab just goes back and keeps loading.

What should I do? Should I use another browser?

I am very thanksful for your help!

Have nice day

Hi @Wolfi,

I have no idea if it’ll work, but have you tried a new, clean profile? Especially considering you’re willing to switch browsers.

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You have a hidden folder .mozilla in your home directory.

I had a malfunction of firefox several times.

I had to delete .mozilla and write the backup into my home directory.

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Hi, thanks for your post. I would prefer to keep Firefox since I have a lot of bookmarks.

Firefox worked this morning without a problem, but now the tabs go back again.

Hi, thanks for the hint. I could not find the file.

Export the bookmarks and re-import them?

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Hello @Wolfi,

if the problem comes from an bad addon or problems in your profile you can export your bookmarks as @Mirdarthos say and starting firefox over the profile manager. In profile manager create a new profile and there reimport your bookmarks.

Starting Firefox profile manager:

 firefox -p

In profile manager you can also set the new profile to default, so normal starting firefox will load the new profile.
So you will have also an “backup” of your old profile in reach. And for each profile there should be a directory in ‘~/mozilla/firefox/’ which hold the data for every sigle profile. :grinning:

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I make a backup of the two files corresponding to firefox and thunderbird.
These two files are .mozilla and .thunderbird in the home directory.
The files are hidden.

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places.sqlite is your bookmarks. They are in your profile folder. FF automatically backs up bookmarks in your profile folder as well in a folder called bookmarksbackup. If you open Bookmarks Manager, Import and Backup- Choose Restore and the contents of the bookmarksbackupfolder are shown.

logins.json = saved passwords
key4.db= has to do with passwords, I don’t remember exactly, but worth backing up
search.json.mozlz4= Search engines, including custom
prefs.js- self explanatory


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