Firefox Hardware Accelaration Disabled

It seems like hardware accelaration decoding is currently disabled

It seems like this error comes from these few lines:

// Disable on Release/late Beta


APPEND_TO_DRIVER_BLOCKLIST(OperatingSystem::Linux, DeviceFamily::All,





Fedora patches this: Tree - rpms/firefox -
And some other patches aswell: Tree - rpms/firefox -

Could this be also be patched for the firefox package?

There is a thread in the arch forums:

They claim, you can add this entry:
to about:config and it should reenable vaapi.

Seems the OP already used that or other pref if you look at the image posted, the second line in middle… :wink:

I can’t see or read images.

Does Manjaro have their own Firefox packages or is it inherited from arch? With the first one, it would be easy to patch.
Otherwise, the target for creating the issue is arch’s mailing list.

Edit: I do have the same output in about:support but when using intel_gpu_top and playing a video, I can see that the GPU is in fact used.

That entry is already there, just marked as false. But media.hardware-video-decoding-enabled is marked as True

Oh I made a stupid mistake:

But about:support still shows:

I guess it is working now: I have log entries containing " VA-API FFmpeg init successful"

Thats new
For nvidia + libva-nvidia-driver you must set
widget.dmabuf.force-enabled=true in about:config
with or without Wayland