Firefox functionality issues

This is just a general observation/inquiry about Firefox. I was trying to do a “Forgot Password?” reset on a businesses onboarding site since I just got a new job and when I’d go to the link in my email it would take me back to the regular login page instead of the reset password page. I had to use Firefox on Android to reset the password then everything went smoothly on desktop. I noticed a similar problem today when I went to pay taxes and the county website wouldn’t accept the submission for my account number to find my bill. I installed Chromium and it worked fine in that.

Is there a way for me to see why these things aren’t working properly in Firefox or to log what is happening when I attempt these things? It can be a bit frustrating. Why wouldn’t Firefox work properly in Manjaro? Is there somewhere else I can post this question that might end up with better results (like Mozilla?)?

First usual culprits are

  • JavaScript support disabled
  • add-ons impeding browsing

You could also check your privacy settings, most notably about tracker blocking.

The other culprit could just be that those sites don’t support Firefox. Then that is the fault of the website for not supporting anything but Chromium-based browsers.

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A very valid point @anon59284200 . I recently had to contact a major supermarket chain as I could no longer log in via Firefox to check my points balance & take advantage of deals they had emailed me. Their latest site upgrade had made it Chrome-only, and anyone accessing via Firefox got a blank login panel with no input boxes or submit buttons. They fixed it a few weeks later.

Since the late 1990s I’ve used Netscape Navigator, then Mozilla Suite & now Firefox as my main browsers, & recent experiences with the increasing number of sites optimized for Chrome & not following web standards feels very much like a repeat of the olden days when many sites were optimized for Internet Explorer. Google has become as anti-competitive as Microsoft was 2 decades ago.

My state’s [Pennsylvania] DMV website doesn’t display 100% correctly in Firefox. Some of the navigation menu text gets cut off. The site is still functional. It displays perfectly in Chrome.

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You can report none compatible sites at Web developers not using standards but developing on Chrome can make some sites not work properly on Firefox.

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