Firefox flashing overlay menus

Hello everyone.
I am experimenting a bug with Firefox since december/2022. Sometimes, for a unknown reason, the Firerox overlay menus (like the app menu) or anything on the browser that needs a suspended list, for example, just flash on the screen and close. It happens on websites as well: when I click on any list to select a option, it just flashes and closes.
Anyone has a solution for it?

EDIT: Using Firefox 109.0.1, GNOME, Kernel 5.15. NVIDIA latest drivers, X11.
It solves when I close and open again. But it’s not a definitive fix…


Have you tried this: ?

Just because it happens veeery rarely. For example, since I post this issue, it didn’t happen.
I have few add-ons here, and all of there are kind of popular: GNOME Shell, DuckDuckGo, AdBlock and UltraWideo. I don’t believe that is some add-on, but, maybe one of them is the guilty one…