Firefox file dialogue is gtk on Plasma 5 Wayland

I switched to Wayland on Plasma 5.27 Manjaro Stable and Firefox can’t use Plasma “open file” or “save as”. Instead it uses gtk dialogues. In about:config I have

widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker set to 2

widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.mime-handler set to 2

When I set them to 1 dialogues don’t pop-up at all.

I have xdg-desktop-portal, xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, xdg-desktop-portal-kde packages installed.

systemctl --user status plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kde 
● plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kde.service - Xdg Desktop Portal For KDE
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kde.service; static)
     Active: active (running) since Tue 2024-04-16 17:27:03 CEST; 5min ago
   Main PID: 863 (xdg-desktop-por)
      Tasks: 6 (limit: 9403)
     Memory: 23.8M (peak: 24.4M)
        CPU: 304ms
     CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/session.slice/plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kde.service
             └─863 /usr/lib/xdg-desktop-portal-kde

kwi 16 17:27:02 user systemd[677]: Starting Xdg Desktop Portal For KDE...
kwi 16 17:27:03 user systemd[677]: Started Xdg Desktop Portal For KDE.

Make sure xdg-desktop-portal.service and xdg-desktop-portal-kde are running, then run:
GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 firefox

…and lose the xdg-desktop-portal-gtk - you’re using KDE, not GNOME.

Is needed for come theming things on wayland (or if using flatpak).

These should probably be 1.

See this section and the one directly below it.

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Well, that’s disappointing.

The solution for me was to set xdg-desktop-portal in about:config to true and I created


You just described life…


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