Firefox doesn't allow to copy from right click menu randomly

“Comes back” … after you add extensions again etc ?

Yes. The only common extension between the various computer (work/home on Windows) is Ublock Origin. I don’t think it is the culprit.

It could be a different issue, I don’t know. On my computer nothing is grayed out. The only difference is that on Chrome the right click on selected words says “Copy ctrl+c”, while on Firefox the right menu says just “Copy”. But in both cases sometimes ctrl+c works, sometimes it doesn’t. When ctrl+c doesn’t work, I try Copy from the menu which also sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t (like yesterday). It’s absolutely random, it doesn’t depend on stuff I have currently running.

Probably fair not to blame ublock.
Though its powerful and depending on rules …
My point though was a general concept of configuration in comparison to pure stock. Environment variables. Customized launcher script. Firefox theme. etc.

What is sure is that the Windows computers where I reproduce the issue do not have anything in common with my Linux Firefox, besides the extension (work computer is default Firefox, dark Firefox theme, with Ublock Origin).

  1. Did you try?
  1. If the problem persists, try to check Firefox X11 on a new Live ISO KDE.

  2. If the problem persists again, that sounds like Firefox’s problem with X11 on KDE

I reproduce the same issue on Windows, so everything about X11 is irrelevant to this issue. It is a Firefox bug from all the observation, sometimes, when you right click on selected text, the Copy menu item is grayed out, switching tab or minimizing Firefox fixes the right click menu. I also reset my profile multiple times and issue arises again.

Do you have a touchscreen? Mine is. Because it’s strange that this appears also in Windows.

For me, this is a new laptop with brand new KDE so I don’t see a reason to create new KDE user etc. Since I changed the laptop, I also have a problem with youtube on FF not using nvidia at all, unless I start it with wayland off and dri_prime=1, I get this strange errors if I try to scroll the video or super low quality of the video, even though my internet connection is ok. So a lot of drama, related or not. But the copy/paste issue is absurd.


an easy workaround when this happens is to click the address bar to change selection focus, then interact with the page again.


Some good info in that bug report. Can be reproduced on a clean profile with no extensions so it’s nothing to do with uBlock or anything else.

Also a workaround until they fix it;

The only workaround is to click into the address bar, swap tabs or just play around with random UI and then right click the selected text again.

Yeah, this is such an annoying bug! Firefox is always happy to let me search with the highlighted text, but it just randomly refuses to copy it to the clipboard for some reason.

Guess I’ll have to give one of the workarounds a try.

Yeah, I’ll also try this as a workaround.
Also if anyone knows of bug reports with regards to video in Firefox since Wayland I’d be very grateful. I’ve never imagined I could have problems watching youtube but sometimes even shorts give errors if you pause them, which is unbelievable. No idea what is the problem. I’ve never ever had so many problems with FF as I have in the past few months.

This is a Firefox issue, U-block Origin, to be exact, and OS independent.
I was able to re-create this using Windose.

Simple removal and reinstall of Ublock did the trick.


Coincidental, I imagine. The condition can rear it’s ugly head on a cleanly installed Firefox instance (without extensions), and also with chromium-based browsers; though noone in this thread has mentioned it.

However, and as you suggest, it can indeed reveal itself on multiple platforms. For me, it’s been too infrequent to warrant any great investigation as to the actual cause, and the condition doesn’t linger, so I haven’t had much interest; it can still be annoying though.

I’m using debian and FF. NO ublock. Copy is greyed out 100% of the time on all web sites in all tabs. I’m forced to use chrome where it all works as expected. Of course ^C works, but my muscle memory is trained to rt-clock. I simply can’t unlearn it just because of FF, and yes it’s the same in Windows, but only in the past couple of weeks. It came with their “new and improved” updates.

Like they used to say in the army in WWII, if it’s on the ground pick it up, if it’s moving salute it, if it’s not moving paint it and If it ain’t broke, break it.

I have the same problem in Firefox. All the time. On different web pages and it’s completely random. I had the same problem on other distros I used before Manjaro.

Have you tried middle click paste?

I was having issues with an android tutorial, Ctrl + C didn’t work, but middle click paste did. Didn’t notice if it was greyed out in the menu, as I always use keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve also had issues copy/pasting with the search box on duck duck go, but that seems to work now. :man_shrugging: