Firefox does not use the physical multimedia buttons ⏯️

Basically, I can’t use the multimedia keyboard inside firefox.
my multimedia keyboard works correctly with Rhythmbox (music player) it also worked correctly within chromium. I also tried different platforms like dailymotion, youtube and nothing works.

with multimedia keyboard I mean the basic “previous” “pause / play” “next”
:arrow_backward::arrow_backward: :play_or_pause_button: :arrow_forward::arrow_forward:

any idea why these buttons don’t work inside firefox?
Someone else happens?
any suggestions to fix it?

Open the about:config page in Firefox and search for media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled. Set it to true and see if your multimedia keys are working (a restart of Firefox might be required).

Can’t test it for myself, as I don’t have multimedia keys on my keyboard.

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:clap: it worked.
thank you.
I was suspicious of the configuration but of course, I forgot the developer mode configuration.

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well I think I sing victory before time XD
the “play / pause” button works without problems.
but “previous” and “next” still do not respond.

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