Firefox Dark Theme Gmail

I’m loving the auto dark theme that Plasma does not have with out yin yang hack, & it is an ugly hack last time I checked. Most websites display wonderfully, but not Gmail. Certain elements are black on black so remain hidden. I guess there is no perfect solution, but I cannot find any relevant posts on Internet for 2022?!?

I always added a bit of script to make sure selection/input boxes were legible when using dark theming …

$ cat .mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome/userContent.css 

input:not(.urlbar-input):not(.textbox-input):not(.form-control):not([type='checkbox']):not([type='radio']), textarea, select {
    -moz-appearance: none !important;
    background-color: white;
    color: black;

#downloads-indicator-counter {
    color: white;

It seems you haven’t heard of Dark Reader. :sunglasses:

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That doesnt necessarily address the situation of using Firefox absorbed GTK dark theme and therefor certain input boxes, for example, are white-on-white or similarly impractical… or are you suggesting that leveraging dark reader will vis-a-vis fix this experience? It would still be slightly aside the original query … but I was not aware it could be dropped in as a ‘solution’ for such a case, even if the user desired the auto-darkening on all web pages.