Firefox config messed up/reset after update to v103.0.2

Hi, I’m new to Manjaro. One issue I’ve seen a couple times now is that updating Firefox version sometimes causes its config to get messed up. For example after the most recent update to v103:

  • I have two sets of the Manjaro bookmarks
  • I lost multi-account container settings (extension still showed as enabled, but missing containers).
  • Reverted any manually-set settings (telemetry, et al)
  • sessions effectively lost (cookies appear to exist, but I believe they are still tied to removed firefox containers)

Ideally a Firefox update doesn’t reset/garble my settings, so any tips on maintaining a stable Firefox config are appreciated.

Same problem here, all Firefox settings and config (including privacy enforced setup) are regularly reverted to default after an update or sometimes even not, which is a problem.

I read on reddit to remove the package manjaro-browser-settings. I will see if that’s changing anything.

Edit: I just opened an issue on the package repository : gitlab . manjaro . org / profiles-and-settings / manjaro-browser-settings/-/issues/4 (remove the unneeded space, I cannot post URL).

Hmm i have changed alot settings in Firefox, related to privacy. But i don’t have seen this issue at all.

Im using Manjaro KDE 5.15 LTSC.

Maybe is a container issue, because i dont use that feature.