Firefox bug in Gnome Manjaro mode with Wacom pen

I’ve found a problem by using the Firefox mode in Manjaro, firstable, i can’t use themes (i asume that’s one of the points of it), but the bug would be that it doesn’t work good with my wacom pen tablet.

Firstable i thought it was a problem from Firefox, so i reported it, until found that option in Manjaro, so, maybe is a bug or something to look into, right?

Please review the info i uploaded into the Bugzilla forum, but if you need, i’ll try to upload it here too. Her’es the link: 1759409 - When i click any button in the browser with my wacom, it won't detect it cause it's not a perfect click without movement

And there, i add the image where i found how to see Firefox as it is supossed to be seen with themes and working with my pen tablet.

Well, you could open up an issue here

But since we use the project from here

and what you noticed is present also with that theme, is better to contact the developer of it and see if there is something that can be done.

There was not much to capture from FF and Wacom. Probably needs some debugging. Anyway, i wonder about in what workflow would be efficient to use the Stylus with FF, because it might not get the attention to be fixed as you would like.

Some people even complained about the fact that for instance in LibreOffice, VLC and VirtualBox Manager the Stylus is funky, and you need to use the environment variable:


i still don’t find it efficient for use in non drawing applications …

It’s because my workflow is not only with FF, i’m a digital artist and in fact, is healthier to use pen than mouse if you pass long time in computer, specially for the wrist. But thank you, i’ll contact the developer to see if he wants to correct it, but for now, i’ve found a solution, just thought it would be good to report the bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good, keep on creating.

If you use a Pen Tablet, the clasic one, on the table, and depending of the rest of the setup - might be the case.
With a Display or Monitor Tablet, depending on the size, you do more hand travel than with the mouse, and you have to move from shoulder to elbow and wrist… With dual screen in that case, you get into other “mapping” stuff if you want to interact with windows/apps on both screens.