Firefox browser search bar overflows to the left, will this finally be fixed?

This isn’t a problem with Mobian, Postmarket or Arch, I find it, just annoying that it goes over to the left, and I can’t see what I’m typing, or if I make spelling mistakes.

Is the config broken? I’m asking if this will be fixed anytime soon.

Could you please show us a screenshot?

Yes, of course

It won’t allow me to send photos or links

Well, that’s something new users to the forum have to handle. But after some time you can add whatever you want. But you can still add a link using a trick. Use the Preformatted text widget on the top (e.g:- ctrl+shift+c) then add the link to the image. You can upload any image on
Like this:-

I tested out Firefox search bar. Text should scroll as you type… and I don’t like it. I don’t see any benefit, the URL bar is magic and can search - you can use keywords (like gg for google, dd for duckduck, aur for - erm AUR) and so my advice is to save the real estate for your main bar and just go with that.

I think the ‘search bar’ is mostly there for folks who expect it to be there - a bit of history if you like.