Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar empty

Something recently happened and not sure why. The bookmarks in my Bookmarks Toolbar have disappeared from the front end. The bookmarks are actually still there if I go the long way into bookmarks and choose them from there but they are not longer showing under the address bar. I tried something listed on Firefox site and customize toolbar and Set it to default but that is not fixing it either.

Is it empty or missing?

If it’s missing, you can enable it with Settings → Bookmarks → Show Bookmarks Toolbar.

Also when you import bookmarks the folder can go in the wrong place. Click on the “manage bookmarks” and if you see 2 bookmark folders copy your links from the one folder to the other. If they show up, then delete the one folder.

Unable move bookmark from Firefox to Chrome. Any guide?

This also happened to me.
Seems to be a bug in FF102 ==> FF-ESR 91.11 sayed not affectted!

Fixed bookmark shortcut creation by dragging to Windows File Explorer and dropping partially broken ([bug 1774683](

Should be repaired with version FF102.0.1 -BUT not really;
if the system inside FF “.mozilla” is damaged already:
I had to create a new profile for FF two times;
the old profile eats up any bookmark backups or stores them in bookmarkmenu
without caring about any drawsers the original entries had been.

Save bookmarks in FF as HTML - and open in Chrome.
Takes some time to do… :innocent:

Thank You

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Right click the tab bar, check under bookmarks toolbar if set to always show?

I will check the version but it seems to have a mind of its own. One day all the links are there. The next day they are gone and that isnt even after a reboot. I only restart the machine if I have too. The setting is not missing, its there, I even clicked the Defaults setting to repair it.