Firefox Beta from AUR vs Web?

I’m aware there is a Firefox-beta in the AUR. Also of course there is at least Stable in the official repos. I’m wondering, if I want to use Firefox Beta does it work to download the binaries from Mozilla as I understand the client just updates itself? Or is it a better idea to go through the AUR and update it that way? I just worry that like many Firefox packages in AUR they become abandoned.

If Beta is just not a good idea for Manjaro I can always just use the official repos as well. What do you recommend?

Yes, you could. Extract it to your Home folder and go. The beta is designed to run side by side a regular stable installation with a separate profile.

Installing everything via an OS’s package manager ensures the proper dependencies are installed and there are no conflicting files.

I think you’re safe. :wink:

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Thanks for the answer. In your personal preference, would you pull from the AUR or would you just get the binaries so the client updates itself?

I would install the AUR package for the reason I mentioned above. Pamac will let me know when there’s an update.

we have firefox-developer-edition it’s usually the same version as beta (not today :pleading_face:)

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