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This week I was surprised when I opened YouTube and there was a banner informing me that I either had to accept advertising or buy prime - unless I was mistaken. It turns out that the extensions I had installed didn’t solve the problem. Watching a band’s concert and having adverts pop up from time to time is disappointing. Isn’t there an extension for Firefox that can fix this? I had to install Brave to be able to watch concerts without adverts.

YouTube now detects if you have an adblocker installed and disallow the usage. Depending on how strong they follow this policy, it might take a few days or forever for the blocklists to update.


for now ublock origin still works.


I have this extension and it is unable to block youtube at the moment. If I have it on, youtube doesn’t play anything, I just switch it off and I get the adverts, unlike Brave Browser.

I use Adblock Plus. You do still get the annoying warning that ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube, but you can close that popup and the ads are still hidden/blocked.

YouTube is already receiving flack from the EU over their anti-adblocker policy, and Google itself has already been in the EU’s bad books for a while, so they had better comply or face yet another couple of billions worth in fines.

We hates them, Preciousss! We hates them!

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I don’t happen to have add block plus installed. I’ll try it and see if it works.

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Also available for Firefox, by the way… :point_down:

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I’ve just installed add block plus and it seems to work. Thank you very much.

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in the “Filter lists” tab, try to “purge all caches” and then “Update now”.

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Just as a hint: it has a list of supposedly “acceptable ads” which it won’t block by default, but you can disable that in the settings. :wink:

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uBO works fine … just delete the cache and update the lists.
ABP is a not-so-nice actor, takes more resources, and I’d be surprised if it was in any way superior.

But hey, folks should use what they want. :person_shrugging:

yeah that.

Normally I wouldnt share a self-review, but gorhill is a certified “good guy”.
( Ever wonder the reason for the ublock:origin name? Way back in the yesternet raymond hill sold the original ublock. Turns out the buyer was more than a tad malicious, and turned ublock into at least partially a tracker and ad generator. So gorhill forked their own original project with the original aims, and continues to provide it for free today under the name “uBlock:Origin”. It may go without saying that one should avoid “uBlock”… though it appears missing from at least the firefox addons site today. )

uBlock:Origin and the community are actively fighting youtubes newest pushes.
You can track the developments and up-to-date guidance at reddit:


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