Firefox and Yahoo

Since the last update of Firefox, when I start a new Tab and try to type anything in the Yahoo Search Engine, nothing even appears. But if I close and restart, it’s fixed.

The Bug is random so I wouldn’t know if it too many tabs, some Pages are causing this, or what. I haven’t tried this with other Search Engines.

Anyone have the same Issue?

Hi, why don’t you check to see if you Firefox settings have been changed.

Firefox burger icon (top-right) → Preferences → Search → Search Suggestions.

Well I did check the Settings and and and nothing changed. I can check again.

Have you tried firefox -P to launch a fresh profile?
If that works, then maybe just kill it, rename the .mozilla folder and start Firefox again.

  1. Can you list your add-ons ?
grep -oP '},"name":"\K[^"]+' ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.*default*/addons.json
  1. Why Yahoo Search Engine ? (it’s in fact a Microsoft’s Bing instance : )
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I’ve been using yahoo since I started using the Internet during the mid 90’s. Including Yahoo Mail.

Note this Bug happens when open too many tabs. I’m going to remove the add ons I don’t need that is causing this.

Nice… my grand mother used to prepare the sleeping rooms with Fly-Tox for decades. Then she changed.

Yahoo search is dead. It is now a Bing clone.
Yahoo mail is even worse than gmail (if it were possible)
Check your yahoo address there Personal Data Leak Checker: Your Email & Data - Breached? | CyberNews
Even if clean, urgently create a new one on a clean provider.

And… We are still waiting for the addon list from the command I told above…

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why dont you remove firefox and install another one?
firefox is open source but not the company that making it
so i sugest you to uninstall firefox and install something else
i personaly use vivaldi and falkon
if u want a lightweight browser go for falkon
if not then go for vivaldi
and for searchengine i think duckduckgo its a good one
ive been using internet explorer on win xp for quite some time
it dont mean that i shouldnt use vivaldi on manjaro or i shouldnt have come from win to debian and from debian to arch

Can you explain ?

Two Chrome clones, vivaldi is absolutely not open source

Duckduckgo is retreiving Google Bing & Yandex

Anyhow, to solve the OP, we need the command output

Sorry guys I’ve Bing Watch Van Helsing, the series.

I agree with your other points but

Duckduckgo is retreiving Google

Is just not based on any fact. Whenever I search the same query with both engines I get different results, or at the very least a different order of results. This is seen much more clearly when attempting to find much more niche information, and I find is particularly apparent when searching for anything to do with programming. The fact that DDG is designed to give private results rather than tailoring them to a private profile built by Google means they cannot possibly be just retrieving Google results.

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Timeshift restore 1995
sudo pacman -S netscape-navigator


they are saying that we producing an open source browser but they dont act like one


(i dont know what they will do with this but its looks like collecting data to me)
i dont read the post personaly but they are saying that because we dont like someone or someone doing
we should or we will cut the access of that person to our product and that include the open source firefox
i dont like what those people were doing but thats another matter
open source means that everyone can use the product for what purpose they want
there is some but in it like if they improve it they should send the source back (gplv2) or they shouldnt use it for making money or

i think more than half of the browser that i know is using qtwebengine
so they are chrome clones

i think this will be a good one when its published
vivaldi is not completly open source there is some property code/product in it i think

well its retreivng from bing,yahoo,google and yandex
but they dont collect your data (they say we dont do it but i dont know if they realy dont do it)

Anyone uses Librewolf? I discovered this on DistroTube and installed it, but I haven’t used it much.

Some of the more recent changes Mozilla did with Firefox I don’t agree with. Like restarting Tabs if FF crashes or Computer is rebooted w/o closing the browser first.

I already have a Topic on this.

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Ooops ! I was too hasty, they are a Bing + Yandex affiliate + USA based (Five eyes)
Capture d’écran_2021-02-19_13-39-24

Well Firefox is indeed the only browser that can be guessed as privacy conscient. (Tor being a Firefox fork)
Any other is commercial (Chrome (Blink), Safari or affiliate.

Don’t be fooled : all search engine are financed with ads & data collection, most of them being just affiliates.

Back to OP:

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

/.mozilla/firefox/iy5pkeh5.default-1570610636384/addons.json:Yahoo Search Addon
/.mozilla/firefox/iy5pkeh5.default-1570610636384/addons.json:Evening at the Carnival
/.mozilla/firefox/iy5pkeh5.default-1570610636384/addons.json:Women eater
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces


For the temes, the best should be to only keep the one you use, but I have no clues on their possible breakage.
For the search engine, if you really want to keep it, try to get rid of the add on and to replace with yahoo from

I really advize you to add ublock origin, LocalCDN and Site Bleacher to your add ons.
Country Flags & IP Whois is another interesting one.

For the email address flee any large free provider (the best is to host your mails on your own domaine, cost starts @ $3/month

Oh interesting, this is a bit off-topic as it doesn’t help OP (sorry OP!) but may I ask where you got that info?

Well, for Duckduckgo affiliations, I gave the link earlier in the thread, for the Five Eyes & especially CISPA & PRISM that apply to any US based operation, this is available anywhere on the net.

Btw, like any other search engine, Duckduckgo makes money from ads.

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