Firefox and Tor Browser gets grouped together by Gnome


I usually use Firefox (personalized stuff) along side with Tor Browser (for random search queries etc).

From Ubuntu, i am used to have two separate launchers, and after clicking, they stay active to switch to the corresponding window.

Howerver, with Manjaro, the Tor browser gets marked as “Firefox” and grouped together with the actual Firefox. When clicking the Tor Browser launcher again, it complains that it is already running (which it is indeed).

Is there a way to change that behaviour to correctly map the windows to their launchers where they originated?

I tried with the tor browser from the community repo as well as directly downloaded and desktop file placed in ~/.local/share/applications/, but they behave the same way.

Appearently, someone had a similar problem 5 years ago, but that did not work for me:
[i cannot post links, but on stackexchange “GNOME confuses names of multiple different Firefox installations”]