Firefox and Facebook not working consistently

I am enjoying the switch from Mint to Manjaro at the moment. great distribution!

I am trying to support alternatives to google based browsers. The whole purpose of open source for me is to have many options.

But I use Facebook a lot and on Firefox sometimes it works fine and sometimes it won’t load properly and fails to load graphics at all.

When I go to Brave (my windows default browser) everything works fine all the time.

Is this a Firefox problem?

There’s a Facebook app and messenger app in the repos. Think they’re in manjaro repos but definitely in the aur if not. I use caprine for Facebook messenger, more features

Thats a work around for sure but I have that using Brave. I am saddened that firefox has deteriorated so far it cannot run a common web site.

Probably not a Firefox problem. It’s the site not testing on Firefox and/or not supporting Firefox.

This scenario happens when Firefox user share drops below a value worth supporting. Risk is that Google/Chrome push their own agenda for web technologies and decrease interoperability and accepted standards.

Is there an alternative for social networking too? I don’t know much about Firefox and stuff that’s why I’m asking.

It seems trivial, but the difference between a few pixels matters. Prepared graphics can make it harder for users to get a message, but they can also make it meaningless.

Since Firefox was singled out in this, perhaps the option “Enable DNS over HTTPS” is the culprit? Did you try with this setting unchecked?