Firefox 92.0 doesn't play audio (both with pulseaudio or pipewire)


After getting the last (92.0) Firefox I have got a problem on playing YouTube video - loading bar is moving, but video can not be played (timer sticks to zero). Other apps (Zoom, Chromium,…) haven’t got the problem.

The issue doesn’t depend on a device used to playback, be it BT one jr SPDIF output.

Any ideas to resolve?

(KDE DE is in use, the system is up to date)

Please note:

$ pipewire --version
Compiled with libpipewire 0.3.35
Linked with libpipewire 0.3.35

$ pulseaudio --version
pulseaudio 15.0

Therefore, disable PipeWire and enable PulseAudio and try again.


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The aim is to find a problem in my system: as far as there are no massive “me too”, I guess, the problem exists.

With further thinking I have recognized your suggestion has got more value rather than I was guessing at first. I have replaced pipewire with pulseaudio, and Firefox still is not able to play back. So with your help I know now it is the Firefox who is responsible for the problem :slight_smile:

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Have you tried the Firefox common audio and video issues yet?

(One of them is Install PulseAudio so you can skip that already)


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Have tried without success. And yes, after replacing pipewire with pulseaudio I have looked at processes and tried Chromium and Zoom - they do work as expected (as well as pavucontrol, BT and so on).

I have even tried to temporary rename ~/.mozilla.

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As you never provided an inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width, we’re not sure which DE you’re using but If you’re on KDE, can you:


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Have looked at the settings - Firefox is not muted. And also have installed and tried under Gnome, and the problem still exists. That is it isn’t KDE-related.

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And at last I have tried firefox 91.0.2 (from packages cache) - it does work. So the problem is related 92 version.

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Still not resolved in Arch.

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Update just got pushed to Firefox: Firefox 92.0.1, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

Should fix this issue.


Great, thanks for the good news!

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