Firefox 90 crashes on wayland


Yesterday, I got the Firefox 90 update in unstable. It crashes eversince on wayland. 89 was working fine before that.

Here’s a little summary of the combinations I tried.

On Xorg, everything (90 & nightly) works alright.

On wayland:

  • Nightly works perfectly
  • 90 crashes at startup or a bit after
  • 90 works in safe mode
  • Yet 90 doesn’t work with extensions and CSS deactivated

Usually if it works in safe mode, then an extension or the CSS is causing the issue. Here, I’m a bit baffled.

What happens is that it crashes straight away or after a few actions. When it doesn’t crash immediately, tabs are not highlighted when hovering them with the cursor, and doing anything (switching tabs, typing, etc…) is stuck (until you move the window, then it crashes or unlocks).

I saw reports of Arch (and derived) users also having crashes with 90 on wayland.

Any idea what’s causing this? Some parallel update missing? is different in Nightly. one file is 11.3kb and in Nightly is 23 kb.

Kind tip from someone with 38 years of IT professional experience :wink:

Try Vivaldi because at the age of 65 you don’t waste the rest of your lifetime with things that only cause trouble :grin:

Vivaldi is not Open Source.

Thanks. I’m not asking for advice on which browser to use though.

I’d like to hear about others having or not that issue on a similar setup (Firefox 90, wayland, manjaro unstable).
I’ve heard from some Arch users that it solved itself through a different update, so hopefully it’s just a temporary issue.

@jrichard326 Have you had the issue? Did you copy from the nightly folder to the common Firefox folder and get it to work that way?

No I haven’t. I run Nightly as my main browser. I don’t use wayland here. I am perfectly happy with xorg. xfce here.

Reset gfx.webrender.compositor.force-enabled back to false.

Had the same issue and posted it on r/firefox.

Edit: Fix incoming in Plasma 5.22.4 according to this post.

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And that’s a solution we got here.

I searched for similar issues but didn’t stumble upon that reddit topic.

Thank you. :+1: :clap:

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