Firefox 89 - unable to find the page actions menu

Previous versions of Firefox had a “page actions” menu indicated by three dots at the right end of the address bar. I attach a screenshot from the previous Firefox to illustrate. It’s no longer there or anyplace else I checked. Am I just not seeing it or has it been removed? Thanks for any information on this.

It was removed with FF89 due to too less usage.

See this article.

Well, that’s unfortunate. :frowning_face: Thanks for the article link.

Maybe this helps, in about:config
browser.proton.enabled = false
browser.uidensity = 1

I did this, not for lack of the ‘page actions’. But they are there in my FF89

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You just find them in settings
That’s the way I found back screenshot

Well, the screenshot functionality is also available if you simply right click inside the browser window.


You can go back to previous way for now by disabling the new proton design. In about:config page, switch browser.proton.enabled to false.

//EDIT: just saw it was already mentioned above.

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thank you ! Never noticed that one, even if I often check the source code or inspect… :crazy_face:


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I think this is like that since very long time now.