Firefox 85 Beta 1 (Manjaro Package)

A little explanation what the reader is supposed to do with that file would help.
Especially if it is a link that directly downloads a file…

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sudo pacman -U
but uploaded the update to AUR aswell so coming there later today

Ok…i can’t help it so:
WHY should anyone install that package, what is different from the default one or last version if it is an update etc…
Posting just a link is just asking for replies like that, because no one will just install anything blindly if they care about their system just a little bit…

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not against updating/fixing packages, but at least you need to post some info to go with that link explaining what it is and why you uploaded it etc etc…
If it were not for the filename your post didn’t even mention for what branch it was meant for (which i added)…

Keep up the good work :+1:

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Its on AUR now, will package the other Betas too three more released this month
Beta 3

Beta 5

As was already asked and not answered, why do we need your Google Drive links when firefox-beta-bin is in the AUR?

you don’t i update in AUR too but it took an extra hour or two

Real package is on AUR

And now its updated with the last Beta, Beta 9
and on Monday next week the RC week for 85 starts

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