Firefox 126 is out since 10 days and still missing under Manjaro stable

Pretty long delay for Firefox, i just want to point to the situation.

Hope we see a update soon.

Hint for Firefox126:
There is new Telemetry Update added, no big deal if you ask me, because its easy to deactivate: = false

I already had this settings, maybe the coming update changed it too enable? Its worth checking it after we see the new version.

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Just a POI - with 126 in Unstable - this option comes this way by default. At least in our packaging.

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I agree. There’s also an issue in 125 that restoring the .mozilla is not recognized … yet in 126 that works fine.

Don’t forget false

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Thanks for that additional info @stormschip this Telemetry option was set on true for me, strange that this option was already included, while the service isn’t (at least official) implemented in the version 125.

POI? btw. firefox 126 after 10 days still in unstable… strange.
Is there something wrong with Firefox 126?

Because i normally see that Firefox regularly pushed out earlier and most of the time it has higher priority as a Release update and was rolled out as a standalone package.

Normally I can fast track packages like Firefox, Thunderbird and Chromium to all branches when there are security updates.

Currently, we have different toolchains in Unstable and Testing than Stable, so they would all require rebuilds.

However, lately health issues have been knocking me down. Also, I started on reconfiguring my build machine, but haven’t finished yet. Please bear with me.

In the meantime, if you want newer packages than are available in the Stable branch, then I invite you to switch to the Testing or Unstable branch.


I was mainly just curious, i don’t wanted to make pressure… take your time. Since there are no big security risk, i think its no need to accelerate the new version.

Reallife and recover health should always be the highest priority.


No worries, I don’t mind you being curious.

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