Firefox 114.0.2 crashes after a while

Firefox 114.0.2 crushes after a wile. Nothing suspicious at the crush time point, when running from terminal. Even two versions before that, had video streaming freezes.

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Hi @artivision,

Running Firefox here myself, and mine is rock solid. Quite possibly an extension, or possibly even a theme. Try disabling all of them, and see if it still happens. If not, enable them one-by-one until it starts happening again. Then that one is likely the problem and need to be either disabled or updated and t3ested again.

Do you run kernel 6.4 by any chance?

I’ve noticed quite a few video-related crashes with Firefox and kernel 6.4. Hopefully these will get sorted once the kernel has had time to mature a bit.

This new firefox version must be related to a testing branch, because 114.0.1 is the version that i use in the newest stable.

Yes but i had video freeze problems from v111 and kernel 6.3. All this with a fast pc and and a very fast internet connection.

I can also confirm a 6.4 kernel regression and ff crashing. Seems to be video-streaming related. Here’s a bug report. I’ll stick with 6.3 for now. (hw acceleration on recommended settings.)

Firefox crashed today for me immediately after starting it up! But yes, it does seem to happen mostly with video streaming (vaapi enabled).

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Please provide the output you get when starting Firefox from the terminal:


Probably speaking too early, but since the latest kernel/mesa/firefox updates, I’ve not had a single crash…


Fixed in 115. Close this please.