FireFly Station

I want to buy FireFly Station P1 PRO and FireFly Station P2, if someone has or has already had installation experience, please tell me if there will be any problems with installing Manjaro or with u-boot firmware?


I have firefly station P1 and P2.

Both have good support on with manjaro.

I will push p2 support upstream soon.


Hi, thanks for the reply

I recently discovered that FireFly has released a new version of Station P1 PRO, its difference from P1 is NVME SSD;
Will the firmware from P1 to P1 PRO work?

Technically it is same, I have asked firefly about the difference.

Manjaro ARM os will run on both but cannot confirm which IO will work and which will not work.

If there is a difference then Firefly will send a sample for me to add support.