Finnish mirror shutdown and idea to replace

Due to financial reasons I have to shutdown Tier 1 Mirror in Finland (
Hetzner raised prices again and Mirror size grown to 170 GB, so no longer can maintain VM with mirror anymore.

I found, that Alwyzon provides affordable Storage VMs. I also found, that they mirror is outdated.
So my idea is to replace/add new mirror in Austria instead.

What do you think?


I found the way to preserv mirror as is. I will move it to VM inside another server.
Ticket for whitelisting new IPs is already created to @philm : New IP Addresses for `` (#185) · Issues · Applications / pacman-mirrors · GitLab

Question: where can I find list of mirrors with RSync enabled?
Before above mentioned ticket will be resolved I need to downgrade to sync from someone.

@philm any chance to approve new IPs for

At least some of them seem to be here:

@cfinnberg yes, this is only list I found as well.
Currently I am syncing from

I would love to have a mirror in Finland. It worked great and was fast as lightning! Is there any way the community could chip in with the costs?

@direc85, it would be nice, if someone could support this. Currently, I moved mirror to my physical server with zero additional costs (but I cannot provide even 99% uptime on this one),