Fingerprint sensor issues on Lenovo Ideapad 5 14are05

Hello, when my System resumes from sleep it tries to Fingerprint (without me touching the Sensor)
Is it somehow possible to deactivate it completly becaus my Sensor isnt supported.(it also locks my account becaus 3 failed attempts)

My Laptop is Lenovo Ideapad 5 14are05 and im using the latest Manjaro Gnome version :).

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

The Arch Wiki article for your laptop doesn’t even mention the fingerprint sensor. That’s bit odd.

If you want to see if your fingerprint reader is supported, see the fprint Arch Wiki article.

If you don’t care and don’t want to use it at all, try removing fprintd & libfprint (usually installed by default).

On Windows its working but i dont really care for it so i will remove these packages thx :).

BTW Having this problem only with Gnome Manjaro on KDE it wasnt there (if it maybe helps you) Reinstalled both just for test.

(sorry for my bad english)

When you tell me how i could give you the device id i just know its some elan fingerprint reader But i also know that the ideapad comes with different fingerprint readers based on its config
(I mean for the case you want to add it to the arch wiki)

You did read the wiki article I linked, right? That’s why it’s there. :wink:

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