Files losing bytes when copy from one ntfs partition to another. Help please

Hello guys,
I’m a new Manjaro (KDE) user, i watched some Youtube Guides and read a little about Linux and Manjaro. Im trying actually to switch from Win7 to Manjaro, but today i run in a serious problem
and i don’t know what to do, i really need help.

Today i was trying to get some experiences with Backup my Files. I’m always select my files manually with drag + drop from my HDD to my SSD, take a look on my Screenshot

As you might see from the screenshot, i copy the folder HoN from my mounted ntfs partition “Games” (HDD) to the other mounted ntfs partition “OS” (SSD), the copy of the folder lost some Bytes as you can see on the screenshot.

I never had ever experience such a serious problem with Windows and im very worried that i may have some corrupted files, im also double checked when copy the same folder to the same Partition when i log to Win7, of course without data loss.

When i use properties on this drives then it showed me (check screenshot) under Filesystem: Fuseblk instead NTFS.

More Info’s about my System and the fstab command that i used from a toturial to mount OS (C:) and
Games (E:):

I really hope this problem can get solved, please help me out…


It is better to create a checksum for every file and then check it on the copy.

Since it is a different type of storage medium, how sure are you that the selector size is identically. If the sector size is smaller, smaller filer files can be stored more efficiently.

Also you should always use Linux native file systems. NTFS is a Windows file system, to be sure you should use Windows to do something like this.

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That is most likely just fine.

Additional blocks are allocated, as needed, to directories as files and sub-directories are added. Subsequent removal of these files and sub-directories do not result in disposal of the now empty/reusable allocation. Hence it is very common for the destination directory of a copy operation to be slightly smaller than its source.

If you want to be sure about file integrity forget about drag and drop in dolphin, use rsync instead.


Sometimes i copy folders with more than 100 or 1000 files. I don’t think that checksum is the right way for me. Maybe i should create a checksum test file for confirm data loss.

I read about this in the past, but never experiences any Byte difference per File, no matter which drive
i used in Windows. My files are always compare able when i right click and properties.

Im always manual confirm this after i backup my files in Windows, why is this differend in Linux?

I use Manjaro on a external USB Drive with ext4 partitions and also used for a timeshift linux backup
also ext4.

I don’t want to convert all my drives to Linux only file system, is this really important?
Is there no other way to solve this issue, that i have?

I still would like to have compatibility to Windows.

Why not? If you want to be sure, there is no other way. You could also use rsync with the -c option. But it is slower and the checksum is not as good as a sha256.

I don’t know, this was just a guess for a reason why you see something like it.

No it is not. Run a checksum on all files and find out which aren’t the same.

Well, you can read form NTFS without problems and you can wirte to NTFS mostly without probems. But the NTFS driver is not 100% compatible. It is close but I would not trust it with writing important data.

This means, my files are not corrupt?

Is this normal related to linux? But why is there no byte difference when i drag+drop in Windows?

Do you mean Timeshift? But this Tool required ext4 and i lost all overview when i have to replace files in just this terminal. Sample: When i replace 30 files in a 3k file folder and im also using Veracrypt and i can’t use 1:1 mirror on all my differend drives, because not all my HDD’s have the same size.

The reason behind this, my Drives and partition can’t be mirrored 1:1 and im also use Veracrypt.

Do you know a Tool when possible with a GUI, to use a full folder checksum that i can manually compare with each other? Just like the sample (screenshot in first post, folder HoN) when i copy game
and want a quick checksum, without much hassle… is this possible to archive?

I’m also fine with a checksum command if this is not to complicated, im still very unexperienced with Linux and im always happy when i can use my Mouse.

One more reason to be sure every file is exactly the same.

I don’t know any GUI tool. Maybe there is, I never searched for it.

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No, it means it is “most likely just fine”. :slight_smile:
I already wrote something about file integrity, and so did @xabbu.

No, rsync.
There is always the man page explaining the usage, and plenty of tutorials online available how to use it.
As a side note, Linux is not the same as Windows just with a different name- things work differently, things are done differently and things might look differently.

I total agree with you, but how can i do this? Do you know a command for checksum?

Thanks to make this clear for me and thanks to you and @xabbu for responding to my questions.

I logged few hours back to Win7, to double check the Copy from my HoN folder that i postet already.
And the copy from HoN folder that i did on Linux showed the exact same Bytes when i properties under Win7, thats really confusing…

Here to compare my old screenshot from yesterday, from the same folders in Linux:

This must be a bug related to KDE (Dolphine) or not?
Another Question, why is there Fuseblk filesystem showed up and not NTFS?

In your source directory hash all the files

$ sha1sum * > /tmp/sha1sums

and then check the sums against the files in your target directory

$ cd /path/to/target-directory
$ sha1sum -c /tmp/sha1sums
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Grsync. Tick the boxes carefully after reading man rsync
Use the “dry run” button before every operation.

Thanks for your response, but i wasnt looking for a backup programm, i was looking for a GUI checksum only. I found GtkHash few days ago, but this checksum check takes many many hours or possible a day or two, for 1TB files, there is no way if im doing a full backup.

But i checked only my changed files and the checksum is okay with GtkHash.

I wish there is a way to speed this (checksum check) up in GtkHash or that dolphine is using Properties, that showed the real Size, just like Windows Explorer does… this is all very strange and i don’t understand why the byte size is so much differend between the 2 Properties on the same files that not changed at all and with the verified checksum.

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I need a single checksum for the whole folder, i have 5k files(1TB)… that i can’t check manually every single file.

At the moment i use GtkHash and there i can save all single checksum’s in a .txt file and after that
i checksum the 2 differend .txt files. But its possible taking 1-2 days and its complicated, related to windows, where i have just a quick properties check and 20sec later everything is done and ready.

The given commands wozld hash and susequently check every file butthat would be done automatically.
Check the exit code of the 2nd command or run grep on it’s output if you’re just interested in an “overall answer”.