Files disappearing in btrfs and SSD

Files disappearing after boot or crash. I’m using SSD.

I use timeshift for backup. Currently Weekly and Monthly backup is enabled. BTRFS qgroups is also enabled.

So, I’m not sure if this boots to an old snap or files are not being written on SSD before shutdown.

I don’t remember that first time it happened. But few days ago I was writing a report, I was half done and spent 3 hours on it, saved after 2-3 lines with WPS office. I was sure it got removed, cuz the file was listed in the software but showing not available.

Yesterday I have downloaded a file, the notification showed successful download. The file was ok, I checked it.

But when I was trying to copy the file on my phone, it wasn’t there anymore. Not even in the download list.

Is this some kind of bug. If it is, should I reinstall the system and get back to ext4 or something?

Thanks for reading.