File system malfunction or kernel out of date?

Recently getting a message that my kernel is out of date, but on start up I’m getting an error message that disappears before I can read it. My file system properties say part of it is unreadable. I backup all my files (I hope that worked)… but then what do I do? It won’t let me check the file system or “repair”

it because it’s in use.

Hi @Melahi,

You’d need to boot into a live environment, make sure the partition remains unmounted and run fsck from there.


Open the manjaro settings manager, Kernel, and install the latest recommended LTS kernel (6.1).

The info in this screenshot does not matter - it is unreadable because the file manager had no permission to read some system files.

Filesystem check runs automatically, but if you have doubts like after a power surge/loss/forced reboot you can boot from live usb and check it manually. Repair happens automatically. You should not mount the partition (don’t chroot). The syntax is generally fsck -t FSTYPE DEVICE, you can see the fstype and device id with, for example Gparted. This might also be helpful.

As for the errors, after you install a current kernel, run journalctl -b -p3 --no-pager and post the output. There are many errors that are “normal”, like missing drivers or noncritical stuff.


Thanks :grinning:
That went without a hitch and seems to have fixed the error message on startup.
This is the output from the journal after restart with the updated kernel and there is nothing there that I’m concerned with because I don’t think I’ve ever used the keyring.

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