File System error

Recently, I often encounter this error

reinstalling and changing the DE did not give a result
what can it be? is the ssd failing?

Did you try doing what the message said you should do?

Use the Manjaro USB stick, boot from it and execute “fsck /dev/sda1”.

I don’t understand you unfortunately

I do this every time I turn on the computer and see the error that is in the photo, but after a while the error repeats again.
I haven’t tried using usb yet. Is there a difference?

You didn’t mention that you actually did what the message said you should do.
That is why I asked whether you did.
That is cleared up now - you did do that.

If such errors keep occuring randomly, more and more often, and without apparent reason,
I’d consider a hardware issue - probably with the drive itself.
Make sure you have your data backed up
and check the health of your drive - whether SMART data indicate something …

Fsck can´t be run if the filesystem is mounted.

So you must use the USB stick.

The rootfs (which is the very limited initrd) should have fsck available, no?
It is included in mine, where the fsck HOOK is present in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
… and at this point, nothing is mounted rw yet(?)