File indexer particularly aggressive on my machine


I am using Manjaro with KDE Plasma with indexing enabled (stable branch). As I understand, indexing should run on a file only once if it has not been changed or modified. It should not need to reindex a file if it is essentially unchanged. However, I noticed that the indexer always run on start up on files that it should have indexed already. Is this normal? Is it because most of my files are located in Dropbox? (file sync)

Also, is there any way to suspend the indexer when the laptop is on battery? Googling a bit shows that this should be the default behaviour, but it doesn’t seem to be the case on my machine.

Go over your settings - found in system settingssearch and adjust to your preference - if you don’t need to search on content it can be disabled.

Specifically look at the Plasma Search section - there’s a lot of defaults you may find less useful depending usecase.

Unfortunately the file search section in the system settings don’t have options to adjust whether the indexer runs on battery. The plasma search also isn’t very helpful.

I do want to search the content in files, but unfortunately there’s no way to make it more nuanced (e.g. only indexing content in certain directories for example).

I guess this means that there’s currently no solution to this. A candidate for contributing code!