File/disk manager that spins down external hard drives?

While trying out sway (and i3 on x86_64), I had the problem that external hard drives are not spun down by pcmanfm when you eject them. I count on the drive light being off to be safe disconnecting them, since they have all my backups on them. I installed Thunar, which does spin them down, but of course it’s more bulky. Are there alternatives (even mc type alternatives) that do this?



If they’re USB which all are today no issue just unplugging them from the USB port they’re plugged into. As for spinning them down no file manager does that. They just spin down if you unmount them. If Thunar says it’s spinning them down it’s not, it’s just unmounting them.

spacefm ?

Thanks, enrico. I tried to install it and got a segfault, and since I’m pretty used to Thunar anyway, I’ve decided to stick with that.


i had crash too i suggest to try once more with

aur/spacefm-gtk2 1.0.6-1 (+20 0.00) (Installed)
Multi-panel tabbed file manager