File date stamp display inconsistent in Thunar

I often need to take screen shots, recently as evidence in a court case. I would prefer file properties to just always show the time and date rather than a relative time (like the day of the week). For instance this screen shot of two image properties doesn’t help the court understand the chronology involved. Is there any way to just set a consistent properties display rather than have it “think” it knows what I might want?

I think it is consistent, relative to the time the query was made/the screenshot was taken -
just not consistent with your expectations. :wink:

… use ls -hl /home/angelica/
and the time format will be more like you want it

None of that is something that cannot be easily tampered with
so it’s value in “a court case” is marginal at best, in any case.

Thanks I was hoping I can do something for the GUI presentation as command line print outs have less impact than an image.

You can change date format in thunar, if you search for something like that…

Edit → Preferences → Display → Date


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