File browser with option to display the attribute "ratings"

I started using Manjaro just recently.
I used to organize my pictures using file ratings (1-5 “stars”) on Windows.
I’m looking for a file manager that can display the ratings and sort by it.
Is there one you could suggest or is there a plugin for files(nautilus) that enables it to display more file attributes?
Any suggestions are much appreciated :wink:

BR Muzi


darktable and digicam can rate images with stars and sort them by that, but you can also do that with gThumb but you have to enable that option


Then you can edit the Comments of that image and rate it (5 is maximum)

More applications here

Thanks a lot!
gThumb displays the rating in the browser only after opening the “comment” window and saving it again, but that is a workaround I can live with.