Ffmpeg-rk package versioning

I have Pinebook Pro, and I just found out there are some rockchip specific packages. So, I installed mpv-hwdec and ffmpeg-rk. It is working for me, but I think there are some serious packaging problems (ffmpeg-rk can not be installed without forcely deleting ffmpeg), so here are my suggestions.
ffmpeg-rk provides ffmpeg v4.4 and there are already ffmpeg package and ffmpeg4.4 which can be installed in parallel. Is it possible that ffmpeg-rk is marked to replace ffmpeg4.4 and therefore that it can be installed in parallel with ffmpeg (which is currently 6.04)?
Also mpv-hwdec is not marked to conflict with mpv.

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Hi @spikerguy,

Is this a workable solution? Sounds logical.
With this method, then we can have current Chromium working when ffmpeg-rk is being installed. Currently, when we install ffmpeg-rk we loose the use of Chromium.

I highly doubt that but as the current ffmpeg is on a different version that it sounds logical to give it a try.

It should conflict but if it doesn’t then I must have missed something in the pkg.

Anyways it’s been sometime since i updating the whole stack.

Will look into this soon.


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Any news on this?

Yes I will update all the pkgs during the weekend.

Thank you. So, it means that it will be possible to have ffmpeg-rk as 4.4 and ffmpeg as 6.X version, installed in parallel?

No but it means kodi will be built with its own ffmpeg version so it won’t depend on host pcs ffmpeg.

Indirectly kodi with hwdec with work plus other pkgs which need ffmpeg6 will work too.

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Hi @spikerguy,

For Amlogic devices do we install kodi -20.0-7 or kodi-aml package? On the Unstable Repo, kodi-aml is still the old (03-Mar-2023) version.

Does it also mean ffmpeg-m2m and mpv-hwdec need to be “un-install” for Chromium and other packages that need ffmpeg6?