Ffmpeg package in official repo (extra) vs git version

I hope someone can help and clarify.
Manjaro (Kde) comes with ffmpeg 2:4.4.1-1 package installed but I had troubles with sound output of a third party software not recognizing some libav codecs or maybe some needed tools.
I fixed the problem by installing git clone GitHub - FFmpeg/FFmpeg: Mirror of https://git.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git. Sound works now with the mentioned software.
While searching for a solution I tried to install AUR ffmpeg-compat-58 which obviously failed because ffmpeg package was installed already. There is also ffmpeg-git package in AUR, thats probably it.

After all I was wondering if there is anything missing with the Manjaro repository package of ffmpeg? It seems to be the latest version although on Github it says FFmpeg 3.0 release.
Could it be that the Manjaro repo package is incomplete or downsized?

Please help me clarify. Thanks a lot.

ffmpeg is a package that we source directly from Arch. The version we use is therefore what Arch considers stable, and even if they were to adopt 3.0 tomorrow and declare it stable, then it would still need to be sufficiently tested here in Manjaro before we too declare it stable.

But anyway, so far even Arch does not consider 3.0 stable yet, and so the version we offer in our repos is the version Arch deems stable, i.e. version 2.4. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the clarification Aragorn!
I wasn’t sure whether the repo version is 2.4 or 4.1. Kind of misleading with the : in between.
Anyways, I found a solution and it works and I guess that I can remove my git clone once version 3 is moved to the Manjaro repository.

Case closed. Thanks.

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